IFFR People

Resident Fellows

Asset Pricing, Financial Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Risk Management

EU Financial Services Law, Commercial/Company Law, Corporate Governance

Mathematical Finance, Derivative Pricing, Market Microstructure, Asset Liability Management

Banking, Monetary Policy, Asset Pricing

Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice, Computational Methods in Economics, Financial Econometrics

International Fellows

Financial Derivatives, Financial Econometrics, Risk Management

Behavioural finance, Household finance, Mutual funds

Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Investments

Banking and Securities Regulation, Corporate and Insolvency Law

Asset Pricing, Financial Derivatives, Portfolio Management

Security offerings, Going Public Decisions, Financial Regulation

Banking, Monetary Policy, Prudential Regulation and Supervision of Banks

Competition Law, Law and Economics. Intellectual Property, Financial Regulation

Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics, Portfolio Choice, Institutional Investors

Market Microstructure, Law and Finance, Banking, Finance and Ethics

Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics, Portfolio Choice

Asset Management, Behavioral Finance, Bayesian Econometrics

Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice, Valuation, Innovation

Asset Pricing, Emerging Markets, International Finance, Household Finance, Financial Regulation

Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, and Financial Intermediation

Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions

Asset Pricing, Bubbles, Market Liquidity, Financial Regulation

Asset Management, Banking, Corporate Finance

Professional Fellows

Asset Management, Hedge Funds

Banking and Finance Law

Asset Management, Pension Funds

Asset Management, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Derivatives

Asset Management, Quantitative Finance

Asset Management

Doctoral Fellows

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