• Call for Doctoral IFFR Fellows: The Institute of Finance and Financial Regulation invites applications from exceptional candidates for the Ph.D. Program at the Department of Banking and Financial Management at the University of Piraeus. The successful applicant will be an IFFR Doctoral Fellow and will conduct her/his doctoral thesis in the areas of research covered by IFFR. A rigorous academic training will be offered. Information on the Doctoral Program of the Department of Banking and Financial Management can be found here. Interested applicants can contact the Ph.D. Director Dr Michail Anthropelos and the IFFR Director Professor George Skiadopoulos.
  • Kazuhiro Hiraki and Professor George Skiadopoulos have received the Best Paper Award for their paper The Contribution of Frictions to Expected Returns presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association at Trier, Germany.
  • Dr Angie Andrikogiannopoulou and Dr Filippos Papakonstantinou have been awarded a BA/Leverhulme Research Grant to study the anti-social nature of reciprocity.
  • Dr Angie Andrikogiannopoulou presented the paper Heterogeneity in Risk Preferences: Evidence from a Real-World Betting Market at the 4th workshop held in 23rd and 24th of July 2018 at University College Cork, Ireland. The theme of the workshop was sports’ betting and a selection of technical academic papers in the area were presented.
  • Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou received the Best Paper Award for his paper Developing Novel Drugs at the 2018 London Business School Summer Finance Symposium.
  • George Skiadopoulos presented the paper Jumps in Option Prices and their Determinants: Real-Time Evidence from the E-mini S&P 500 option at the 2018 Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics (CRETE) in Tinos Island, Greece.
  • The paper A New Predictor of U.S. Real Economic Activity: The S&P 500 Option Implied Risk Aversion co-authored by George Skiadopoulos, Eirini Konstantinidi of the University of Manchester, Renato Faccini of Queen Mary University of London and Sylvia Sarantopoulou-Chiourea at the Independent Authority for Public Revenue in Greece (forthcoming in the leading journal Management Science) has attracted the attention of media (Forbes, Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, Kathimerini (Sunday Edition) ) and investment companies ( Morningstar ). The researchers find that the implied relative risk aversion (IRRA) outperforms existing U.S. economic indicators once it is used in conjunction with them.
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